Practice to Different Targets

by Helen on February 13, 2011

For every player the angles of certain shots on the golf course make setting up square to the target line difficult. On the golf course you must be able to play from various angles so it’s essential to practice setting up square to greens and targets that are on your right and left as well as straight in front of you.
Good practice gets you comfortable with playing to targets at different angles so that you are always able to set your club face square to the target line with your body lined parallel left. Lining up correctly takes practice, greens often lie at awkward angles – you rarely hit a straight shot in golf.
Practicing on the range has to mirror the shots you play on the golf course.
Pay particular attention to the following;
Grip – your grip very much determines where your club face looks at impact.
Aim – Where you aim yourself at address largely determines in which direction you will swing the club through the ball.
The real purpose of the set up is to establish the best possible chance of swinging the club down the target line to impact and through to target
Setting up correctly for every shot involves a very exact routine, it is almost a ritualized procedure. At the start of the season and at regular intervals it pays to have your set up checked, you can then build your routine and practice correctly.

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