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My professional background is in the Science and Teaching of the game. I hold a Masters Degree in Sports Science, authored research papers in Golf Biomechanics and Golf Physiology, and published many articles. For many years I specialized in working with elite players improving their fitness and over all game, some of the players I worked with were; Darren Clarke, Padraig Harrington, Graham Mc Dowell, Michael Campbell, and Robert Allenby. My recent studies have been on the set-up and the average Golfer.

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I am from Cork and the Co Director of Niblock Enterprises Ltd. (www.niblockEnterprises.com).

I am based in San Francisco and see you will be in the area for this:
Irish Start-up Accelerator “Smart Start” brings four companies to Palo Alto on the 12th September@ 6pm

I may not be able to make that event. Will you be up in San Fran. city @ any point. I know David Smith. I would be interested in discussing opportunities about your growing your business in the US and other synergies with Niblock Enterprises Ltd.

I am @ Trevor.Niblock@NiblockEnterprises.com OR +1 760 880 8704.


by Trevor Niblock on September 8, 2011 at 6:18 pm. Reply #

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